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Title Responses: Sweet Disorder and the Carefully Careless - Piano and Orchestra Study Score

This characteristically ever-evolving, single (29-minute) movement bears the remarkable title Responses: Sweet Disorder and the Carefully Careless, which is that of a book of essays by Birtwistle's friend Robert Maxwell... The composer must not be too precisein every part, a frequent failing of the post-Schoenbergian serial music on which Birtwistle cut his teeth. But his own imaginationhas never subordinated itself to mathematics, and certainly doesn't in this turbulent, scherzo-like, brilliantly multilayered score (a melodic thread always on hand to lead us through the maze of invention)... the soloist-and-tutti relationship, Birtwistle's abiding concern, went into a dazzling new dimension.

PublisherBoosey & Hawkes
SeriesBoosey & Hawkes Scores/Books
VoicingStudy Score
Weight12.7 oz
FormatStudy Score
Price 52.00
Catalog Number48024788
AvailabilityThis item will be shipped from our warehouse within 2 business days, pending publisher availability.
1 - 1 of 1 Titles