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Title Resound VX8.1 - Portable Column Array System
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The Samson Resound VX8.1 is a portable column array system that delivers premium sound in a sleek, easy-to-transport package, perfect for mobile DJs, bands, singer-songwriters or anywhere high-quality sound reinforcement is needed. This active 700-watt system includes a 12 inch. subwoofer with a 3-channel mixer and eight 3.5 inch. drivers arranged in a vertical column array that provides 120-200 degrees of horizontal coverage. Eight 3.5 inch. drivers are arranged in an interlocking, 2-segment column array, coupled (via an extension segment) with a 12 inch. subwoofer that can produce up to 130dB SPL. To ensure sound is delivered across an entire audience, the VX8.1 provides a horizontal coverage angle of 120 degrees with the full array in center position, as well as 200 degrees with the two array segments rotated 45 degrees in opposite directions. Meanwhile, the system's subwoofer delivers tight low end down to 40Hz. Featuring a lightweight Class D amplifier that delivers 700 watts of power to the system (350W Sub/350W Array), not to mention onboard 4-preset (Music, Live, Speech, DJ) DSP processing, the VX8.1 has what it takes to fill large rooms with stunning sound. Its 3-channel mixer includes connections for microphones, instruments and line devices. Also, backing tracks or music playback can be conveniently streamed via Bluetooth® from any mobile device. Constructed of solid plywood with textured paint and steel grilles, the VX8.1 is durable to handle from gig to gig. In addition, the system's interlocking components make setup a breeze, with no need for cables or stands. Plus, a Thru output enables the ability to integrate a second VX8.1 system and further expand your sound. Features: · All-in-one portable column array system that weighs 67 lbs. · Class D amplifier produces 700 watts of power (350W Sub/350W Array) · 12 inch. active subwoofer · Eight 3.5 inch. full-range drivers in a 2-segment vertical column · Full system frequency response of 40Hz-20kHz (-3dB) · Horizontal coverage of 120 degrees (full center) to 200 degrees (45-degree L/R array rotation) · Included extension segment connects subwoofer and array column · Interlocking components for easy setup · Top-mounted 3-channel mixer (on subwoofer) · 4-preset DSP processing (Music, Live, Speech, DJ) · Channel 1: XLR-1/4 inch. combo selectable mic/line input for microphones and line level devices · Channel 2: XLR-1/4 inch. combo line/instrument input for line level devices and instruments + stereo RCA input · Channel 3: Bluetooth connectivity to connect wireless music sources · Independent volume controls on each channel · Column Select (Center/Rotate) EQ switch · Thru (Mix/Channel 1 selectable) output to daisy-chain multiple systems together · Signal/Limit and Power LED indicators · 3-point electronic protection circuitry with temperature-controlled fan · Solid plywo

PublisherSamson Audio
SeriesSamson Audio
MediumAudio Interface Unit
Weight1208.7 oz
closer look00298828
Price 1,157.99
Catalog Number298828
AvailabilityThis item will be shipped from our warehouse within 2 business days, pending publisher availability.
1 - 1 of 1 Titles