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cover for 121 Favorite Irish Session Tunes
121 Favorite Irish Session Tunes - Performed on Tinwhistle by L.E. McCullough

This collection of reels, jigs, hornpipes and set dances are the favorite tunes played in pubs and at parties by Irish players around the world. Each tune is masterfully demonstrated on tinwhistle by L.E. McCullough, played slowly and then up-to-speed to make each one easier to learn. Added guitar and keyboard back-up tracks make for a great practice session. Excellent for players of any melodic instrument - fiddle, accordion, flute, tinwhistle, banjo, bouzouki, guitar - who want to hold their own in any Irish music gathering. Includes accompaniment tracks for playing along on any instrument. FOUR CDs · INCLUDES 50-PAGE MUSIC + CHORD BOOK · LEVEL 3

SeriesHomespun Tapes
MediumSoftcover with CD
Weight8.9 oz
FormatFour CDs + Book
CreditsPerformed on Tinwhistle by L.E. McCullough
CategorySoftware, Video, DVD, CD ROM
Price 44.95
Catalog Number641454
AvailabilityWe have been notified by the publisher that this item is now out of print and is no longer available for sale.
1 - 1 of 1 Titles