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Title 10 Years Together: The Best of Peter, Paul & Mary - Smart PianoSoft

This innovative software series enables your Disklavier Mark III piano to perform with the world's most popular CDs! Using Yamaha's PianoSmart Technology, this companion diskette will magically empower your Disklavier Mark III to accompany the exciting audio performance from the designated CD. (Use only the CD listed. The commercial CD is NOT INCLUDED and must be purchased separately.)

Includes 13 songs from this career retrospective: Blowin' in the Wind • Lemon Tree • I Dig Rock and Roll Music • Leaving on a Jet Plane • Puff the Magic Dragon • If I Had a Hammer • more. Matches Warner Bros. 3105.

Publisher: Yamaha
Series: Pianosoft Sync
Medium: Disk
Format: Diskette
Artist(s): Peter, Paul & Mary

CategorySoftware, Video, DVD, CD ROM
Publisher / # / 503689
Price 19.95
Catalog Number503689
AvailabilityWe have been notified by the publisher that this item is now out of print and is no longer available for sale.
1 - 1 of 1 Titles