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cover for V75-40V
V75-40V - Digital Wireless Microphone with Earthworks® WL40V Capsule

V75-40V combines industry-leading Line 6® digital wireless technology with the renowned Earthworks® WL40V premium hyper-cardioid capsule-delivering performance previously found only in the highest quality wired studio mics. The Line 6 XD-V wireless platform is uniquely capable of transmitting the stunning sound of the celebrated Earthworks WL40V capsule. The result is the world's most inspiring vocal wireless microphone, providing exceptional clarity, precise response and unmatched sound quality. The premium hand-tuned and tested WL40V capsule from Earthworks features lightning-fast impulse response, high SPL handling and a wide frequency range. A textbook-perfect hyper-cardioid polar pattern conveys exceptional detail and nuance, resulting in incredible vocals that require little to no EQ. You'll also experience greatly minimized proximity effect and natural on- and off-axis performance. Featuring 24-bit precision, 10Hz-20kHz full frequency response, and wide dynamic range, our digital wireless system transmits the stunning sound of the WL40V with total transparency and accuracy. Unlike analog wireless and digital systems from other manufacturers, we never compress the signal. So you'll be able to convey every nuance of your performance in the most natural way, with crystal clarity. Complete features: · Premium Earthworks WL40V capsule · Textbook-perfect hyper-cardioid polar pattern for exceptional clarity and detail · Crystal-clear, compander-free, 24-bit precision · The widest dynamic range of any wireless transmitter - 118dB · Rugged, tour-tough metal body · Includes custom hard-shell touring case with soft inner padding · Up to 14 channels for maximum flexibility · 10Hz-20kHz frequency response · Backlit LCD display for fast and easy operation · 8 hours battery life with 2 AA batteries

PublisherLine 6
SeriesLive Sound
MediumGeneral Merchandise
Weight71.4 oz
Price 1,679.99
Catalog Number124419
AvailabilityThis item is currently unavailable from the publisher and due date is unknown. This item may be backordered but we can not guarantee time frame for delivery.
1 - 1 of 1 Titles