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Title Rhythm Magazine January 2014 Issue 224

Rhythm – January 2014, Issue 224 Cover Stories: Tony Royster Jr from child prodigy to rocking the President. Jay-Z's drummer on playing without limits • Don Powell on Xmas hits and five decades of Feelin' the Noize with Slade • Roots of Rock: Classic Earl Palmer interview from Steve Smith's new book • 50 Video & Audio Drum Lessons • Free 2014 Calendar! Don't miss a beat next year • Win! A DW Design Kit & Sabian Cymbals Worth £3587! • Plus: Sterling Campbell, David Bowie – Harry Judd, McFly – Zigaboo Modeliste, The Meters

Includes: Rhythm Video Drum Lessons CD. On Your Disc... Rhythm Concepts: Putting Double-strokes into context (P82) • The Next Step: Simple Metric Modulation (P85) • Hybrid Theory: Access thousands of sounds with your hybrid set-up (P48) • Learn to Play: Pearl Jam Mind Your Manners Full video breakdown. Plus backing track without drums. • Plus Much more! See Page 75 for details.

Series: Rhythm
Pages: 112

Publisher / #77771884
Price 10.99
Catalog Number77771884
AvailabilityWe have been notified by the publisher that this item is now out of print and is no longer available for sale.
1 - 1 of 1 Titles