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Title Ruckert Lieder and Other Orchestral songs in Full Score

Gustav Mahler spent 14 years exploring the musical potential of German folk poetry, and this volume comprises some of his most significant work. It features authoritative editions of his settings of five poems by Friedrich Rückert, known as the Rückert Lieder: "Blicke mir nicht in die Lieder" (Look not, love, on my work unended); "Ich atmet einen linden Duft" (I breathed the breath of blossoms red); "Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen" (O garish world, long since thou hast lost me); "Um Mitternacht" (At midnight hour); and "Liebst du um Schonheit" (Lovst thou but beauty). A pair of songs from Des Knaben Wunderhorn (The Youth's Miraculous Horn) are also featured: "Revelge" (The dead drummer) and "Der Tamboursg'sell" (The drummer-boy).

ComposerMAHLER, GUSTAV (1860-1911)
CategoryScores (Full Size)
Publisher / #Dover / 06-424340
Price 14.95
Catalog Number424340
AvailabilityWe have been notified by the publisher that this item is now out of print and is no longer available for sale.
1 - 1 of 1 Titles