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cover for Rituals: for Dancers and Musicians
Rituals: for Dancers and Musicians - Full Score

Rituals was created originally for an experimental television special produced by WTVT, Tampa, Florida, featuring the modern dance group from the University of south Florida, a small chamber ensemble, and oher works by the composer. The production was conceived as an interaction between dancers and musicians, with the latter - a small ensemble doubling many instruments - on stage as part of the action as well as the d├ęcor. The instruments employed (mostly from the household collection of the composer) are intentionally exotic or primitive, and though modern substitutes are possible, an important visual and sonic aspect of the piece is lost unless these are kept to an absolute minimum. The music is not intended for concert performance without dance. The set is printed for a quartet. If additional players are preferred, please purchase a copy of the score for each extra musician.

PublisherEdward B. Marks Music Company
SeriesE.B. Marks
Weight.0 oz
Price 44.95
Catalog Number365417
AvailabilityThis item will be shipped from our warehouse within 2 business days, pending publisher availability.
1 - 1 of 1 Titles