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cover for 29 Series Signature Heritage Cajon - Café Con Leche Finish
29 Series Signature Heritage Cajon - Café Con Leche Finish
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Individually tested to ensure superior sound quality, this cajon produces deep, loud bass tones and high, sharp slap notes. Includes a snare adjusting Allen wrench. It features a steel band and has undergone a highly innovative finishing process that gives this Café Con Leche series its smooth, two-tone pearlescent appearance.

PublisherTycoon Percussion
MediumGeneral Merchandise
Weight206.3 oz
closer look00158218
Price 349.00
Catalog Number158218
AvailabilityThis item is currently unavailable from the publisher and due date is unknown. This item may be backordered but we can not guarantee time frame for delivery.
1 - 1 of 1 Titles