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Title2 for Violin and Percussion (Score and Parts)
ComposerMAKAN, KEERIL (b.1972)
CategoryViolin w/Percussion
Price39.95 31.96
Catalog Number49018671
AvailabilityThis item will be shipped from our warehouse within 2 business days, pending publisher availability.
TitleHammer and Bow - for Violin and Marimba (Duration 12 minutes)

Musically the piece evolves from a simple descending chromatic theme, that is transformed and developed throughout. It calls upon a variety of violin effects: low register with mute, trilled octaves and thirds, tremolo, strumming chords, glissando and harmonics, playing at the fingerboard and special bowings. The marimba makes use of resonant lower register chords with soft hammers, contrasting with strident, caustic notes of the upper keyboard with hard sticks for explosive emotions.

ComposerCOLGRASS, MICHAEL (b.1932)
CategoryViolin w/Percussion
Publisher / #Colgrass Music / COL3
Price 18.95
Catalog NumberCOL3
AvailabilityUsually leaves our warehouse in 10-14 days
TitleKomorebi for Violin & Vibraphone

Wondrous and seemingly weightless, Komorebi flickers into life with sustained violin harmonics mixing with the glow of the vibraphone¬'s repeated three-note figure that gently pushes the piece along. Fragments of melody gradually emerge for the violin as it takes over the vibraphone¬'s rhythmic figure, now given nuance through evolving articulations and meter. However, it is the violin¬'s soaring, patiently held material that dominates the first half of the piece, punctuated with aching glissandi descents. Komorebi eventually breaks free from its soft pulse to wander through a dream-like senza misura passage. Sonorities intermingle as the vibraphone¬'s elastic, rolling gestures and bowed keys converse with the violin¬'s harmonic tremolos and delicately expressive statements. Komorebi is an untranslatable Japanese word describing the sunlight that filters through the trees.

CategoryViolin w/Percussion
Publisher / #Peters / PREPE203
Price30.00 18.00
Catalog NumberPREPE203
AvailabilityThis item will be shipped from our warehouse within 2 business days, pending publisher availability.
1 - 3 of 3 Titles